We used to have a forum and it worked well for a while but then, after a couple of changes, it didn't, so we decided to take it offline.

We are looking at other ways to enable users to contribute but there are a number of dedicated Aston Villa forums and if you are going to be looking for a forum, we would rather link to those and let you find one that you like.

The ones listed below at the time of writing this are the most popular but this is 2010 and things are going to change. If you have a forum dedicated to things Aston Villa that you'd like us to link to, as long as the main focus of the site is a forum, let us know and we will list it below.

January 2023 to April 2023: 365

In very early January 2023 when I was having my annual break at the beach topping up on some much needed rest, my server crashed. It was a dedicated server with Rapidswitch and I had been there for a few years. For years they had said there was nothing wrong but this time we decided to do a full hardware test.

That hardware test resulted in the server not booting back up and me having three days of little sleep, trying to get the server up. The other half wasn't happy. I wasn't happy. I transferred everything to a new server that I could. I closed what I didn't need and I started using a forum tool called Peerboard.

The blog was supposed to be done. But in April of 2023 Peerboard was purchased. I couldn't find another solution as good as it, so I decided to write a little code so I could continue using Disqus on the latest version of Joomla (4) and here we are.