Aston Villa Blog Glossary


Big Brad - Brad Friedel: He is bigger than Little Brad.


The Clowns - Birmingham City: Basically, they are a bunch of clowns. It is all in the name.

The Circus - Where The Clowns play football. Not difficult to figure out.

Coco - Craig Gardner: Named after the clown and he gets it after he kissed The Clowns badge after scoring his first goal for them.


Daily Star - Made up.


The Fonz - Nathan Delfouneso: It is all in his name.

The Faulkner Option - Limited by what is good for him and his thinking (not his words).


The Ginger One - James Collins: His wife picked this name for him, so it sticks.

God - Paul McGrath.

Gordo - David O´Leary: Gordo was a monkey that went into space. David O´Leary, as far as I know, hasn´t been to space.


Howard - an idiot. First used after four games of Steve Bruce's first full season, when a small but vocal group of Aston Villa fans thought it a good idea to sack the manager after the Club had backed him in January and the summer with the main reason that the football didn't look good. As if that is what Steve Bruce was known for.


King Carlos - Carlos Cuellar: The man that should be made King of Spain and probably will one day.


Little Brad - Brad Guzan: He isn´t as big as Big Brad.


Melly - Olof Mellberg: No need to explain where this comes from. The legend that is Olof Mellberg.

Milly - James Milner: I thought this fitting after The Verdict.


Ricardo - Richard Dunne: He plays like an Italian defender.

Ringmaster - Current manager of The Clowns: This is likely to change a bit over the years.

Ronald McDonald - Stan Collymore.


Sinbad the Sailor - Current owner of The Clowns: This is also likely to change a bit over the years.

Smiler - Gavin McCann - he never smiled and had a permanent upside down smile on his face.

Stan Collymore - This could be for a lot of things. Taking the easy way out or using a classic excuse. Doing just enough to get by. Believing my own hype. Or it could just be the 'classic Stan' and a train wreck before taking the easy way out with a classic excuse.


Tayls - Ian Taylor: Stood in the stands and played on the pitch.


Webcam - Ashley Young: Sometimes, chat is best.