The Foster's Ozometer: Martin O'Neill top of the table just like he was back in Scotland

Is Martin O'Neill the least worried manager in the league? Sure, we're 7th in the table and finished 6th the past two seasons, but we've seen the last week that Randy Lerner does have a fairly demanding side to him and you've got to think that after spending all the money he has spent he might actually want something more.

Why do I mention this? Well, Fosters have released a league table (click the image below to see it); the league table of worriers and Martin O'Neill sits at the top, without a care in the world, because this league table does it backwards. The least worried you are the higher up the table you are and it lists all results from the entire season.

Clearly, there has been much scientific thought put into this and it has taken the guys at Foster several weeks, maybe even months to come up with the numbers to get all this information but now we have have it. There is actually a surprisingly concise explanation on how they do it and rather than try to explain, I'm just going to quote it, because quoting it is what we do best when it comes to things like this.

The Foster’s Ozometer is a clever bit of technology that analyses Twitter to show you the best and the worst of the Australian No Worries attitude in the UK. It trawls tens of thousands of tweets every minute in search of ones that have a No Worries outlook and gives them a positive percentage score. Tweets that are more downbeat get a negative score. It does all this by looking for particular words that represent the FOSTER’S No Worries spirit and those that don’t, as well as how these words work together to change the meaning of the tweet.

From this data, the Ozometer compiles a Most / Least leaderboard of people, places and celebs which it updates in real-time.

So what makes a tweet No Worries? Now you mention it, what is the Aussie No Worries attitude? No Worries is that positive cup-is-half-full kind of sunny outlook, chilled but not lazy, and up for a laugh. It’s about time with mates and a coldie in your hand. It’s the kind of attitude that’s easy to have on the beach in the sun, which is why it’s a classic Aussie point of view, but is it alive and well in the UK?
{rokbox title=|Martin O'Neill :: Top of the table once again| size=|594 713|}images/fosters/fosters_big.jpg{/rokbox}

So, there you have it. I wasn't going to publish the league table until tomorrow but seeing as it's on the Mirror Football website already, I thought you might as well have it too. All you have to do to see it is click the image to the right to see the weekly scores in full and not a shrinked down version.

He is top and it does sort of make sense but I have a feeling that after the result from last night, he might very well be dropping off top spot, especially if we don't get a good result next, which we really should.

Oh and if you use Twitter, you can follow Fosters here, I have a feeling they might be releasing more of them.