At Huddersfield and still time to get it right

Three in a row is big. It's not by normal standards but it was 2010 the last time we won three in a row. It's big. And not many think we will make it four in a row, but everything is possible and Huddersfield are more than beatable.

And even though it's March, that is quite a bold statement to make, but Huddersfield are beatable and that is as far as I'm going to go with this.

But it's nice to see those that turned on Bruce the past few weeks, make another turn the last week. And I've got to hold my hands up; I don't know how they will react based on what happens tomorrow night. I think defeat tomorrow could see half of them turn on him again and the other half struggle with it.

But there does appear to be an understanding floating to the top and that understanding is that things are going to take time. In fairness, most of us thought we'd be promoted this season, so it's fair that things have been a little up and down. The hard part for most supporters to grasp is going to be that the chances of promotion next season are not good and that's based on many factors.

And maybe we can overlook some of those factors. For all we know, the three teams relegated from the Premier League this season could do exactly what we did last season and reduce their chances of promotion. And we have a few weeks left to make things work the way we need them to. It could all come good.

Time to get it right

But we need to get it right between now and the end of the season. We need to not make too many changes in the summer and we have to hope that the three that get relegated make the same mistakes we made. If those things happen, we increase our chances of promotion next season but for every one thing that doesn't happen, our chances are reduced.

And that is why I think we can beat Huddersfield. I live in a little world where optimism rules and in that world you have to look for links. The first one is for us to be in a good place by the end of the season, we've got to start a good run soon and what better chance do you think we're going to get? Do you think if we don't win tomorrow we're going to win four in a row with the remaining ten games?

Everything is possible and I'm not writing off us winning four in a row if we lose tomorrow, but wouldn't it be so much easier if we just did it tomorrow?

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