Aston Villa make a point, some statistics and the games that matter

It was a good performance and a well earned point but it will mean nothing unless we get something against Reading and QPR. But we are out of the relegation zone, although that could change this afternoon, and for that we should be happy.

And, when the only thing you have to go on is hope, you have to hold onto it when performances like that come about, because it does suggest that things are going in the right direction and it does suggest that maybe, just maybe, it is about the football and it is about mentality and it isn't just about spending huge amounts of cash.

And at times we got about Arsenal and looked like a side that deserved to be there. But this isn't the Arsenal of years gone by. This Arsenal is competing with Spurs for the status of second biggest club in the city. This Arsenal are six points behind West Brom.

It's a long project. It's never going to happen overnight. I thought today we were well worth something. They are a young side but they are growing every time they play. It's a really tough run we have had with Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal. People might have thought we would get nothing. We have got a point but the performances have been excellent.

Paul Lambert talking to The BBC


Aston Villa v Arsenal stats