Why it has to be David Moyes for Aston Villa

It's another one of those days. In thirty minutes it gets busy and I'm busy until shit gets done and by that I mean I'm busy for the rest of the day and most of the evening. And I'm busy until about lunch tomorrow when I can hand-off some of the stuff I'm working on.

So I'm going to take this brief period of time to think and write about what's next for Aston Villa. And if I didn't make myself clear in the last post, let me be even more clear now; we need a manager with Premier League experience to get us out of this mess. And the manager we should be looking to appoint is David Moyes.

Now, the problem with appointing David Moyes is a simple one to get around. As a proper football man, he's not going to take to the likes of a Sporting Director or Head of Football Recruitment that happen to be younger than him and with less experience in the game than some of the players in our Academy, so they'll have to be put in a box. But the truth is, we need a proper football man that knows what needs to happen.

And they can be taken out of the box sometimes to give the odd presentation on new techniques or new players and maybe Moyes will entertain them and give some of it or the players a go. But Moyes will have his contacts and he will also know what needs to happen and he's also done it. He will also have a plan on keeping us up this season and what is needed to move the club forward.

But with Moyes it can't as easily be measured. But lets be clear, we've tried it the other way now for a little too long and it's not happened. We've gone backwards.

There are other names

And yes, like all of you, I've read the other names. Remi Garde is interesting, but is he the man to get us out of this mess? On what basis can we assume that he can. He took over a Lyon side that finished third in the previous season and second the one before that. In his three seasons they finished 4th, 3rd and 5th. The season after he left they finished second.

Garde is the man I would have liked to have been given the chance Sherwood had, at the start of the season with a pre-season and an opportunity to bring in his own players. I'm not interested in a man, that if reports are to be believed, needs his backroom staff from Lyon before he can do the deal. Actually, that doesn't matter. I don't think I want him because it carries too much risk. But I'd have loved him to have come in May.

There are others too; I've read somewhere that Nigel Pearson, Brendan Rodgers and Sean Dyche are all on a shortlist. The truth is that those names shouldn't be on a list for the job and that is why as Aston Villa fans we should probably be worried.

And finally

To sum it up. Yes, there is plenty of time to turn it around but in a very short period of time we could find ourselves in a place needing a miracle. And that is exactly why we need someone that can come in that knows the Premier League, that has proven to get the best out of players and is of a mindset where he can build for the future. For me, it's David Moyes and I still see no other contender.

And that is exactly why someone from the club should be in London speaking with his team getting this done. And it's also why the club need to re-evaluate how they operate. David Moyes can come in and show them how a Football Club should be run. He's the missing piece and everyone can learn from him.

And for those that say Moyes isn't interested, it just means the club haven't sold him the vision the right way and most likely that club are not willing to listen to his.