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Who exactly are the Aston Villa supporter representatives the Club refer to?

Looking at football matches hasn't mattered for some time so I'm asking one question today, because I think the Club are lying to supporters. There was a statement not so long ago where we were told that Hollis is talking to interested parties about the sale of the Club and that the Club have spoken to supporter representatives and have decided to not have the player do a lap of the pitch.

I think the statement is strange because of all the people I have spoken to, that attend week in week out, they'd love the players to come out for this so called lap of appreciation.

I've not spoken to one person that wouldn't like to see them have to walk just past the half way line and back into the changing rooms. Not one. As for the speaking to interested parties - when we have to rely on the Club for news, we know it's not happening. If something was remotely close to happening, we'd hear it from other sources.

What I don't understand is why the need to talk about something that might or might not result in a sale. When have the Club started to talk about speculation? I can't actually think of a reason as to why they would talk about it. It's almost as if Steve Hollis just likes to see his name in the press.

But the interesting thing for me is these supporter representatives, because I think that is a lie. Okay, actually, it could be the Aston Villa Supporters Trust. But the Aston Villa Supporters Trust will say anything to keep the club on side - and by doing so, they merely confirm they're not actually representing supporters. There is an irony in the name.

Either way - it's players bottling it. But for the most part we have learnt this season that they have no bottle, so we shouldn't be surprised. But it's the putting out statements for the sake of putting out statements that I don't get. Anyway, Newcastle tomorrow. Expect Eric Black to field his strongest side.