When will Aston Villa CEO Tom Fox make the inevitable decision

No sooner is a manager sacked and he's linked to the next club. We've not even sacked Tim Sherwood yet and deluded Brendan Rodgers is lined up to replace him. The thing is, someone at the club will think this a good move. It isn't. It's far from a good move and Rodgers could relegate us.

If you need me to explain why, then you'll not get it when I do, so it's pointless. I'll sum it up by writing that he's done absolutely nothing in his very short managerial career other than lose the Premier League title. And if we're even considering Rodgers, we should seriously consider Roger Sickle.

Who is Roger Sickle I hear you ask. Well, he's nobody and I made the name up. And he could do as good a job as Sherwood, Rodgers and Lambert combined. The truth and I believe this more and more, is that you don't need to have a background in football to be a successful manager. There are so many data points and so much information, that it's about knowing what to do with it all. And then get them up for the game.

But here is the thing that takes that one step further; if you have to get them up for the game, they're not good enough players. The elite player can get himself up for the game and knows exactly what to do because his manager has taken all of this data and communicated it to him. This is why it's not working for and why it never will for Tim Sherwood; he doesn't understand nor can he see the bigger picture. He's a jack the lad stuck in a different time and it's not about that anymore.

He believes changing tactics and formations is all that's needed when the truth is, at our level, it's about having one formation and one tactic and been so good at it that we can win half of our games. And yes, there is an element of needing those elite players but his job as the manager is to mange them and to get the coaches to make them better. You can't just buy the player, you have to buy the player with potential for what you want to achieve. Tim doesn't know that part.

Football isn't rocket science. The likes of Lambert and Rodgers are not and never will be this new breed of young British manager that will drive the game forward. They're ex-footballers that stumble into the game in search of the money and lifestyle that eluded them because they're a little too old. There are loads of British managers and it was just their tune - the conveyor belt doesn't stop and we have Eddie Howe now and no doubt Gary Rowett will be next.

Pull the plaster off quickly Tom

And I'm writing this because of two stories today; the Rodgers one and the one in the Telegraph planted by Tim. Read it; it's almost as if Sherwood is creating his excuses now and planting the seed. This is Tim Sherwood and the national press at their best. Sherwood is going, he knows he's going and he's getting ready for the next job by suggesting the players were brought in for him.

Tim isn't good enough and our CEO has wasted a week. In that week Klopp and Allardyce have gone. How much longer are they going to wait to make the inevitable decision.