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What to write about yesterday? Aston Villa lose again

It's becoming harder to write something that hasn't been written already. Defeat yesterday was hard to swallow and with the manager saying we need to win six of the remaining games it becomes harder every week to see where it's going to come from.

For me, we have to win our next three games in the league and I'd happily give West Brom the FA Cup game if it meant we could win on Tuesday and I know many will have a different opinion, but the only thing that matters at the moment is getting out of the relegation zone.

And if we can win on Tuesday, it will give Sherwood something to work with. At the moment he needs that and we will all have opinions on how that has to happen, but I just hope that we get the balls out wide and we create more chances. We created more yesterday and it was a positive, but as things stand now, I'm seriously worried.

And before I get more stick, I wrote when Lambert got sacked that Sherwood would have been a good choice if we stayed in the league. Even today I still think we've got to go find a manager, offer him a huge bonus to come and join us for the remaining games and to keep us up. I'm not sure Sherwood has the nous to do this.

And that is why this is a short post. I don't know what else I can write that I've not written before. There were glimpses yesterday of something but only glimpses and we need more. And we have to beat West Brom.

And on that, I'm in Stockholm for a few days so I'm going to go find a pub for the League Cup final. Let's hope for three points on Tuesday.