What did Robbie Savage say and Swansea tomorrow

I have literally ten minutes before my first meeting of the day that isn't over until something like 7pm, so I've decided to write the quickest blog post of my blogging career and lets start with the question; if we don't win, will Sherwood get the sack?

For me, it's inevitable he's leaving and it baffles me that the club haven't learnt. But at the same time what it also does is highlight why we are so shit and why relegation, even eight games into the season, looks a distinct possibility.

We're actually hoping to do a Leicester right now. We're not even in November and we know this season is going to be a scrap. The irony is, we know this yet we do nothing. Every day that goes past is a day closer to Sherwood getting the sack and another day wasted. Every day we waste is further proof that they don't know what they're doing.

Robbie Savage again

You all know I think Robbie Save is a pillock, but at the same time I quite like him on the radio. You could say he's got a face for radio, but that's another post. I mention him because he said on his show at the weekend that he thinks Sherwood is the right man for the job. I'd like to openly question that and ask; on what grounds?

Sherwood has never managed a club for an entire season. I fail to see other than gut feeling how Robbie Savage can think Tim Sherwood is the right man. Savage can basically not come out against a former pro and current manager and someone that makes time for his TV show. Savage can't be seen like Collymore.

Swansea tomorrow

So, I'm six minutes in. Here we go; Swansea tomorrow and they've not won in a few so they're probably quite grateful of playing us. We're the side you want to play when you need a change in form. Or it will change for us tomorrow. If it does change for us, I will treat it like an accident until we've had three wins on the bounce.

Three wins on the bounce is when I'll start to think Sherwood has turned it around. I know it's asking a lot, but thats what I want to see. It's just me. And now I have to leave. Post tomorrow morning. Up the Villa.