What a season, looking forward and maybe an opportunity

This time last season we were all feeling optimistic. Steven Gerrard and his pal were removed and we'd had a run of form under our new manager that has us believing top four was a distinct possibility.

But I don't think any of us could have really predicted just how good a season we were going to have this time out. And what a season it was. I think I might have predicted sixth.

And there were so many moments.

But I've found it hard trying to pick one out. One or two things came to mind, but the overriding feeling was on the outcome and how we got there. Earlier in the season, it was chasing everything down whereas in the second half of the season, it felt more like a calmness and control. And while I'm not a fan of writing this, there was what appeared to be a fatigue to the side the last couple of months.

And I know a lot of sides suffered with injuries this season, so to finish fourth is some achievement and it really should give us reason for optimism for next season. And we did all this while playing European football.

The only time of the season that seemed to be a little negative was around all the stuff that came out about the new CEO or President of Business Operations. But the PR push to get him over the line has been impressive. I think it's all forgotten.

Looking forward

So, will the Champions League be harder, absolutely. But we've shown this season we can manage this number of games. You'd like to think with a couple of players that could be starting coming back, and a couple more coming back to support the starting eleven at a very good level, we'll be in a very good place next season.

And there will be an addition or three this summer with maybe one or two leaving. And I wouldn't be surprised if one or two left that we don't immediately feel comfortable with, but that's football and we all trust the manager.

And it's official sort of that the summer has started. In a couple of weeks we have the Euros and I have no doubt that there is going to be a lot of speculation around players, so as usual, I'm going to miss out on that as best I can, unless I get really excited by something. So, that written, I'm taking the day off, like most of you are.

Maybe even an early BBQ with a glass or two of wine. For medicinal purposes naturally. As for next season, it's going to be hard to do better than this season, but guess what, it's not impossible and with Liverpool getting a new manager, you might even think it's an opportunity. 

Right, that really is it for now.