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Wednesday, Benteke, speculation and educated guesses

I'm actually starting to like this weekly blogging and not feeling obliged to write about every little bit of news or speculation, not that I've done that for a while. But I'm actually starting to think that we'll do everything on a Wednesday or weekend (for the match only). Naturally, if we get sold on a Monday, they'll be a post, but when nothing is happening, why not just a Wednesday?

And what a Wednesday to start on? I mean, look at the Hull result from last night and look at the matches coming up for Leicester and Sunderland and there is real reason to be worried if only because we could be in the bottom three should they win. But don't forget we've got Tim and we should have beaten Manchester City at the weekend.

And seeing as I've turned it round to that, how the hell can they give that offside. What I mean is, it wasn't offside so they couldn't say that they saw offside, so how can they give it? Surely we've got to start to question the intelligence or judgement of these people making the decisions. I mean, surely it was a judgement call or educated guess right?

We should have won that game and even though I didn't see it for a few hours after the match, it was refreshing to see how we came back from the dead. And I know Guzan is coming in for some stick and we all know his distribution with the ball is about as skilled as a ten year olds, but he needs an arm around him now, not some of the abuse he's been getting.

Tim will see him right. Or he'll replace him with Given, who hasn't put a foot wrong when called upon. We'll find out against Everton, who spanked Manchester United on Sunday and it makes this weekend a massive weekend.

You could even say that the next three games are bigger than the FA Cup final. For all the optimism and good football we have seen since Sherwood joined, staying in the League is still the number one priority and if we can get six or seven points from Everton, West Ham and Southampton you've got to feel as if we're safe. Big weekend coming up.

Ending it with speculation

And you know what, I've forgotten something I wanted to write about that I thought was really important and you know I'm angry with myself now, but I'm going to let it go. Instead, the focus is on speculation and apparently and there should be no surprise in this, Benteke is off again.

And I don't care what his agent says or doesn't say it doesn't' matter. If Benteke scores again this weekend or worse still scores and creates, they'll be more stories next week and more denials. The truth is, it comes down to his relationship with Sherwood and how much money the new owners offer him to stay, if he continues looking back to his best.

But when this talk starts up, there is then talk about taking Patrick Bamford on loan from Chelsea and even though I have to hold my hands up and say if I was to take part in a Mastermind styles quiz answering questions about him I'd likely get as many right if I was answering questions on the managerial success of David O'Leary, I don't like coincidences like this.

Benteke has Chelsea written all over him for me. He's a newer, younger and better Drogba. But it just feels a little too easy and if Chelsea come in it's going to be hard to deny the player, especially because we'll be able to demand big money and that player on loan, it feels a little like if we're to get a new owner, why don't we go knocking on their door to buy players and show some real ambition?

But I could be getting carried away with new owner syndrome when we don't actually have one yet. Let's see what happens, but I really don't like linked stories, even if the links are not mentioned in black and white.

And on that and because I can't remember the really important thing, I'm off. Got work to do and people to meet. It's a busy April.