Was Tom Fox overheard asking if that was three points after Aston Villa beat Norwich and will the new Chairman prove he's not a puppet anytime soon?

Everyone knows I've got this optimistic view on things Aston Villa at the moment and while I had a good feeling about the game on Saturday, I have to admit that my confidence was simply blind optimism. I just think you have to have that view, when it's possible things can change, however unlikely you might think that is.

But it was a good result and all things considered, we need those types of results from those types of performances. And you know I'm getting the chart out later but the only thing you really need to know is that we need to win the next four games to be on target for staying up.

It's still a massive task, but Leicester did it and look at them now. It's not impossible and until it is, I'm going to remain hopeful. Or I could end up like a Newcastle United fan.

But the club is still in a mess. Reports at the weekend as good as claim that one of dumb or dumber (the one that came from Arsenal) was so angry that he wasn't involved in the transfer of Mathieu Debuchy that he threw his toys out of the pram and made it difficult. This story was reported in the press, the thing about Tom Fox not knowing a win was three points was made up.

The club is a joke and Tom Fox and his dumb and dumber need to go. If that happens now or at the end of the season, I don't see as really mattering in football terms, but the longer our Chairman doesn't act the more it shows he is just a puppet of Randy Lerner. And there can be no excuse anymore, not with lifelong Aston Villa fan Mervyn King on the board, who you've got to fancy will know a thing or two about football and how a Football Club should be run.

If the worst happens

And seeing as there is little to write other than the obvious and you don't need me telling you what you already know, maybe there is something we can show the footballing world if we are relegated. The idea is to simply stay away from the next match at Villa Park if we are relegated. Before then we support as only loyal customers can. And after the demonstration, we go back to spending money the way the club like us to.

And this isn't for Randy Lerner and it's only if the worst happens. This is to show the footballing world what Aston Villa is all about. But I don't think it will happen. So until then, I leave you with this.

The chart