Video: Sherwood speaks, optimism grows and it all starts now for the new Aston Villa

Nobody can dispute that we don't have a decent group of players at Aston Villa. I think everyone will agree that Lambert just couldn't get it to work the right way. I think a large part of that was seen with his interviews after a match or before a match. He came across as very dull. Maybe he wasn't, but the players would have seen that and they probably experienced it.

One thing you can't say about Tim Sherwood is that he comes across as dull. He comes across as a proper lad about town, or to coin a phrase I've just used on Twitter, a geezer.

And he's just finished his press conference where he has said all the right things and in a way that does inspire a little optimism and maybe this is exactly what we need to get us out of this mess. Maybe the players just need a little confidence and maybe they just need to keep playing the way they have, but go for it a little bit more.

It was clear as day that after the half time team talk yesterday the ball was put in to the box a little more and the full backs were getting forward with purpose.

And sure, it was only Leicester, but the manager only had 45 minutes and he changes things. And I'm sure the confidence from that win will go a long way. Or should I say I hope it goes a long way.

From his north and south

You've got to try to win football matches. We've got good players. I remember facing Christian Benteke as a manager and I know what a handful he can be. There are a lot of big names in that squad and none of them want to get relegated.

We are not a one-man team. It's not only striker Christian Benteke. There are a lot of players at the club and they need to step to the front as well.

I haven't been a manager here yet. But when I came to play here, it was a difficult place to come and get results. I want to turn this place back into a fortress. It's very important this club stay in the Premier League.

The team looked a bit tentative against Leicester City in the FA Cup. We have to play on front foot a bit more.

I think experience is overrated, to be honest. There are a lot of poor, experienced managers and there are a lot of good ones.

I’ve got a way I like to work and it has been a success, albeit for a short period at Tottenham. I was a success there on the development phase of a football club and as first-team manager.

I know how to win games in this league. I like to galvanise players and get the best out of them. It’s pretty simple, all I can do is prepare team to best of my ability.

I see Villa as a giant club with a lot of history and one that is a great honour to be asked to be the manager.

There are a lot of big names in that squad and none of them want to get relegated. It will hurt them to drop in to the Championship. It’s going to be very important we win game and I will do whatever I can to make sure we get enough wins to get over that line.

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