Tom Fox, you false narrative. Will Randy Lerner act?

With the fear of relegation upon us, I have a question for the Aston Villa CEO. It's a simple one and it's this; is this a false narrative Tom? Is what a false narrative Damian, I hear you ask. Well let me tell you Tom.

Is our position a false narrative Tom? Come on Tom, we don't see what goes on behind closed doors so we don't know. Is it a false narrative Tom?

Give our CEO a crate of Coke and he'll sell it. Give him a Premier League club and he'll relegate it. That's what should go on his LinkedIn page. Because under his watch, we've well and truly shot ourselves in the foot and while there is a glimmer of hope, we sort of know our owner isn't going to act.

And all the owner has to do is pick up the phone and call Steve Stride; the man he treated so badly when he took over and the man many thought was not capable. I believe Stride will jump in feet first to the job, but it's not just the job, he must have the remit too.

That remit means getting rid of Fox, hiring an office manager and then steering the club out of this mess by employing a manager with experience and providing the funds for him to start bringing in new players this week. Yes, I know. It's a pipe dream.

But like I wrote yesterday; Fox will keep us in the Championship, so changes have to happen.

And Tom, you don't need to answer the question, because we all know the answer. What you should do though is look around you and see what you've done. You're the CEO of a Football Club sitting bottom of the Premier League. The CEO. While you might think your remit was identifying new revenue streams, optimising the ones that were there and providing the tools for the manager, the unwritten remit, as the bloody Chief Executive Officer, is to keep the Club in the Premier League.

Like others before you; managers and CEO's, this will follow you. You'll now be known as the guy that relegated a Premier League club. Unless you resign that is. You can save face Tom, but just like we know our owner wont act in time, we know you don't have the balls for it. Or is that a false narrative too?