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Time to roll out Gabby, my Aston Villa player map and a look ahead to Arsenal

You know when it's club released PR because it hits all the news sites over the same day and then the next day the papers. This time, the club have rolled out Gabby, again, to talk about Benteke after his agent was reported as saying something about him possibly moving in the summer.

Now, I don't know for sure that Benteke is off, but I'd place a bet he is. I wouldn't bet a testicle on it, but I'd put my mortgage on it, but you know what, so what if he is?

But if he is going or not isn't the point of this post. The point is club PR to spin a story. It's a bit like when the club told us that it wasn't Downing in the photo with the Liverpool scarf and his future Liverpool team mate Andy Carroll and then a few days later Downing signs for Liverpool.

But after Gabby has given it the Benteke this, Benteke that, he comes out and says Benteke is too good for Arsenal. Will he still be too good for Arsenal if they spank us at the weekend? It's almost as if he is fuelling the fire and giving Arsenal a reason to show us how to play football.

Benteke is good, but I've no allegiance to a transient figure at the club and I don't mind saying that Benteke should be grateful if he got the opportunity to play for Arsenal. One season does not make a Premier League striker, much like it doesn't make a manager. Think Roque Santa Cruz or Mark Hughes.

If the return is good, sell him

But as long as we make money, we should sell him. It would be a fantastic bit of business for the top and bottom line and that's the way we have to think now. The game has changed.

And don't be angry at that statement, that's the club we are now. We can't be expected to hold on to a player that does well. We're the club that goes and takes a gamble on a player that the likes of Manchester United or Arsenal wont take the gamble on, in the hope that they do well and we can sell on at a tidy profit, to a Manchester United or an Arsenal.

Arsenal on Saturday

Enough about that, it's off my chest now. We play at Arsenal on Saturday, which is also good for business as there is a greater chance that overseas TV channels will want to pick up an Arsenal match, so that means even more cash for us. It's all good and when the sun shines ... you know the rest. We've got to be happy.

And that's my preview of that match. I mean, what do you want me to write; you're an intelligent bunch and you don't need me to talk down to you as we all know how important this game is. This is FA Cup final number two.

My map

Right before I go, have you seen the map I created the other night while a little bored and because I was playing with a spreadsheet and looking at services that use the Google Maps API?

It lists every player since the start of the 1992/93 season to have made a first team appearance for the club and it includes all competitions. Any comments on how we can develop this are welcome below.