Time to drop #FightLikeLions and signings soon?

I've written three posts this week but every time I failed to publish because it didn't seem right. The first one was about Gabby and Richards and how Di Matteo has to get rid, but then there was a photo of Gabby looking like he had spent a few days at the gym and it would have felt like I was jumping on the bandwagon. The next one was about England and I'm saying nothing about that.

The last one was about the kit and you know my views on that. So, what do I write about?

I could write about what a player says in the paper, but I don't believe what football players say. I could write about fines or Petrov training with the team, but it's all pointless. I will say this again though, that before Petrov became ill, he wasn't thought of as anything special and had he left at anytime, nobody would have been that concerned, despite what they may say now.

So instead, lets right about #FightLikeLions because I'd like to ask this; has anyone seen lions fight and isn't it about time we dropped the hashtag because for me, it's connected to failure. I mean, last season was hardly a success was it.

Time for speculation

So, when there is nothing to write about and a need to write a new post, I'm going to default to speculation. There has been some but none of it seems to be that good. And, players are back for pre-season. Is anyone getting worried?

For me, the only players that need to go are Richards and Gabby. They are both a cancer at the club and others can be given another chance. I know many wont like me writing that, but I hope those that don't like it will also agree that we need as little change as possible in the playing side.

And my view is that if we get rid of those two, we don't need any new players if we can keep the rest. So, I'm not nervous. But those two have to go.

Now, it's Friday. Time for a beer.