Time for some football and time to remember

A new season begins tomorrow and I have a feeling that this one is going to be an important one for Aston Villa. And with all that has happened this week, I think it is time to take stock.

It is time for those at Villa Park tomorrow to play their part. It is time for Aston Villa fans to remember.

Martin O'Neill has now left. The reasons why have been discussed and torn apart and discussed again. All that is now left is the football and our football club.

Kevin MacDonald
The supporters can play their part definitely. We will need them to.

I write this post now because we have a clean slate. We have someone taking control tomorrow who has spent many years at this club and he is going to need all the help he can get from the supporters.

I've written many times before about how important the support is at Villa Park and with so much uncertainty at the moment, there is something we can all do - or the ones crammed into Villa Park tomorrow can anyway.

You see, if Villa Park rocks tomorrow, Aston Villa will win. Not just because of the noise, but because the players will believe and for the most part it will be those same players tomorrow that played most of last season and they are, believe it or not, quite good at what they do.

What will change tomorrow is how they approach the game. I don't expect to see the same type of football and I am hoping that we see something a little more composed and I'm hoping we see a little more belief.

Martin O'Neill has gone. Time to move on. Time to have a little hope. Sing for Aston Villa, the manager and the players. It really does make a difference.