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It's a love, reality, virtual thing but more importantly, it's about three points at Forest

I guess it's a good time to say that Christmas is over. And if I'm a little slow getting to the party on that, it's because I've just gone back to work after the festivities. It's not that I've not worked, but I'm going back into the office now and it feels like it's all hands to the pump again.

And I've also got to be careful about what I write today. You see, we lost in the FA Cup at the weekend and while we would have all wanted to win and the next FA Cup match and the one after that until we ultimately ended up in the final against Manchester City, we didn't. We lost and well, instead of having more matches to play, we can focus on something that we might actually be able to achieve.

Now, I wrote before the match that I'd happily stay in the Championship if we could win the FA Cup and that will always be the case, but I'm not going to beat myself up about not winning and I'm certainly not going to use the defeat as an excuse to beat the manager. I think anyone that does, all things considered and by that I really do mean all things, doesn't really understand.

I think anyone that beats up the manager after the weekend just wanted to beat up the manager and doesn't really have the interests of Aston Villa at heart.

And this is why I have to be careful. You see, I don't know what was written in the comments on this site. So if the sensible approach has been taken, well done. If not, then shame on you. And by not having the best interests of Aston Villa at heart isn't understood, then let me be clear. The best chance of promotion is with Steve Bruce.

If you still want him gone, knowing this, then you don't have the best for Aston Villa at heart. Now, I'm not sure what you would call that.

So, I think I've been careful. And this weekend, if all things go to plan, we'll be a step closer to automatic promotion. But fear not, Steve Bruce isn't just the most successful manager at getting teams promoted from the Championship into the Premier League, his success also comes from the play-offs. Mr Bruce isn't straightforward, he likes a little risk.


But this weekend is important. You see, losing could mean we drop out of the top six and winning will really only confirm that we remain here. You see, with 20 games to go, we're in a place where it starts to become really important not to lose.

You could say it's vitally important we don't lose, because two defeats in a row would create such negativity by the few, it could become too much to bear. Whereas, keeping them silent by not losing (although some of them will take victory and treat it like a defeat) is going to mean we get closer to the goal and that has to be automatic promotion.

But that can only come with full voiced support and not just in the stadium, but everywhere. I know, I hope for much. But it's all about promotion isn't it because if we don't go up this season, I can tell you now, the chances of finishing in the top six next season are so slim that there is every likelihood, if you have grandchildren, that you wont see Premier League football again.

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