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This is 2016, pay the man for the deal he was given and Paddy Riley going next week

Today, I'll mostly be working on a concept deck, drinking red wine and after that some Jamaican rum. I'm also going to have Sports Night or Spotify playing in the background while I do all that. And again, I'm going to write about something that isn't football related, but Football Club related.

You see, the Telegraph are writing today that Garde is on the verge of leaving as soon as the club can reach a deal with him. But apparently, he's not going to walk on the cheap, despite wanting to leave and probably feeling as if he's getting forced out.

This isn't just business. This is football business. Why should Garde leave on the cheap when he has three years left on his deal and getting sold down the river by the club, despite wanting to leave? If I was Rémi Garde, I'd do the exact same thing and all of you would too.

We'd all do this, because everyone in football knows that Aston Villa have to get a new manager in for next season.

There is a statistical likelihood that if we do not come straight back up that we will stay down for a few seasons. And like I wrote before Garde was appointed, he was the wrong choice then and that was to manage in the Premier League and to keep us up. Everyone in football knows he wont get us out of the Championship.

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But the Telegraph also tell us that the recruitment guy Paddy Riley is also going to get the sack next week. I think the club have known they were going to sack Riley for a while and they've just sat on it. Why do I write that? Because I've known for a while that he's not good enough and so have a lot of people.

But Bernstein is also talking and when I read this, it transports me back to when I worked 20 years ago. And this might have been said to the club website earlier in the week, I'm not sure where or when this comes from, but these words worry me.

I think up to now there’s been a surprising lack of football expertise at board level. It will be for us to look at the structures we’ve got here and just get things into shape. Like with any organisation, we need to look at the whole thing from top to bottom in terms of personnel. We’ve got to get a bit of a move on because we’ve got this period until the end of the season, we’ve got the close season, we don’t want to leave any of these things or decisions late.

We lacked a Chairman or CEO with football experience, that's all. Now we seem to be drowning in football experience at board level, yet the most senior person at the club still lacks football experience.

But let me tell you why these words worry me. Adaptability is the new competitive advantage. The fastest growing companies and the most profitable companies do things differently. They have changed how they work. We're building hierarchies, we're trying to control everything and we're making too many detailed plans all without the new manager and all to make shit happen and move forward.

Our Football Club is in a serious amount of trouble and we're making the same mistakes over and over and expecting different results. This isn't the 80's and we have to change. So many teams have and I fear we're going backwards.