Think positive: Young, Warnock, Heskey and Reo-Coker get a mention and a new planet

I was reminded of my love for the The Beautiful South this morning in an email, I've got them playing on Spotify right now. I'm also off to Barcelona on Friday and I'm told I might be eating at El Bulli, one of the best restaurants in the world and to top it all off, all things at the football club I love and support are all quite good right now.

But we still have negativity from some people and it baffles me. Living in the past isn't a good thing and if we have learnt anything over the past few weeks, it is that the previous manager had not only lost the dressing room, but was also living in the past.

Look at how Ashley Young ran to Kevin MacDonald after scoring against Bolton. Look at how Reo-Coker and Heskey are playing for the new manager and look at how Luke Young is playing, a better right back than Glen Johnson and I don't care who disagrees with me.

We sit in a respectable eighth place with two teams directly above us that we all know will finish in the bottom half of the table and the general consensus is we are two, maybe three players away from really becoming a very good side and the manager hasn't had a chance to bring in any players yet.

Optimism rules

Now is a time for optimism. Now is a time for feeling good about Aston Villa. Now is not the time to be spouting off about things that did or didn't happen with the previous manager, who even a blind man could tell you, played one dimensional football best suited to the 1980's.

We have a new kit coming out soon too, that you can order just in time for Christmas. The club are also running an Autumn cheese and wine tasting for local business people that want to connect with other local business people that all support Aston Villa. My point is, when there is so much to be positive about, why look to the past?

I'm not a big fan of looking at what I've done in the past, thinking if it was right or wrong. It has happened and it is done. Learn from what has happened and move on. Use what has happened in the past and get better, faster, smarter. Can we not just move on?

Some news

Ashley Young and Stephen Warnock have been called up by England manager Fabio Capello while Emile Heskey has rejected the chance to play again for England.

A new planet called Gliese 581G has been discovered and they say it is just like Earth. One day it could become a holiday destination or more likely somewhere to move due to overcrowding. Only problem is, it is 20 light years away and with current technology travel time would be measured in centuries rather than hours and something like 6,500 of them. Still, we might have won the league by then.

At the end of the day

Right, there is nothing else and as you can probably tell, I was searching for stuff towards the end, in the middle and actually right at the start. So, if you know of something I should be doing in Barcelona, tell me below but please, nobody harp on about how Houllier has it easier than the previous manager, because he hasn't. Instead, let's talk about the emergence of Marc Albrighton and Barry Bannan and the hope we have for Ciaran Clark. I'll get my coat.