Testing times for Sherwood as Sky Sports break some news

I'm getting old. The things that I used to think about ten years ago I don't think about these days and my only interest today is getting to the golf course to work on my drive. This can be summed up by the speculation that we've made an offer for Jordan Ayew.

Because I don't know who Jordan Ayew is. But I didn't know who Benteke was before he came, just like most Arsenal fans didn't know who Arsene Wenger was before he became their manager.

So, I'm not going to get that concerned with Sky Sports breaking news that we've had an offer for someone accepted and I'm not going to judge a player until he's had enough chances to show that he's capable of playing in the Premier League.

You see, it comes down to Sherwood and how he's going to set the team up to play this season and if he's successful, not just as a manager but as a coach also.

First real test

This is his first full season as a Premier League manager and while you could point to his time at Aston Villa as somewhat successful, in so much he took us out of the relegation zone, it should also be remembered that he only actually moved us one place higher and considering the players we had and what was written at the time, that wasn't going to be that difficult.

What I'm trying to say is this; all these players that are coming that we know little or nothing about is fairly interesting, but it's about the results after ten games and where we are at Christmas that will determine if the manager had a good summer.

I suspect he'll do okay and I suspect come Christmas we'll be in a place that most can accept and justify after the seasons of mediocrity and I suppose that has to be okay for now. After all we can't expect instant success.