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Tactics Tim needs time to learn and some excuses can be discarded now

So many players coming in for stick last night and the manager is very quickly getting to a point where he'll lose supporters. And it's made worse or should I say harder, when he says things like 'we go again' on this video. He's got to learn very quickly.

And when doing interviews and I'm sorry I mention this, he can't let his emotions control things like he did in that one on the BBC and I don't care that someone writes that he's clearly gutted and he feels like the supporters do. He's the manager and he's got to control his emotions much like he's got to learn how to control the players and get them to do what they should be doing and I pray to the football gods that he knows what that is and it's that he only has to learn one of those things.

Tim has three emotions and we've seen them all now. And I'll be honest, we don't see enough of the cocky wide-boy one and that's the one that I can listen to and it's the one I don't dislike or want to slap around the chops to wake him up. It's the one I'd like to have a beer with. But it's going to take more than one result to see it again, because one win isn't good enough. The cocky wide-boy can come back out when we've picked up eleven points from a possible eighteen.

Some things I noted yesterday

  • We had two very experienced central defenders play and it made little difference when a team finally came at us
  • Claudio Ranieri hasn't 'needed' time to make it work
  • From taking over in February last year season, Tim Sherwood moved us up one place. I don't need to remember what he did for us

If we had won yesterday, we would have seen cocky wide-boy and Tim taking the credit for the result and that's why Tim Sherwood has to take responsibility for the final result and performance. Yes, the players are playing, but when the entire shape of the side is changed by the manager just after going 2-0, you've got to accept that things are going to be different.

That he put a striker on for an attacking midfielder is any ones guess. That Leicester were coming at us for most of the second half and when they finally get a goal back he replaces a striker for a striker, it's only him that can take responsibility and tell us why he did that. And it's okay to question these decisions or wonder what he thought was going to happen.

The point of this post I hope is clear. We have to accept that the manager is learning his job. It's not that he needs time to get the players to do what he wants or to gel, because good managers don't need that, look at yesterday. The thing we have is a manager that is literally learning his job.

And at a Football Club there is one person that takes responsibility for the football results and performances. Tim has to learn fast or fail fast because Aston Villa are now second favourites for relegation and it would probably be a good idea to get someone in sooner rather than later this season, because this is the one where you don't want to be relegated.

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