Steve Bruce must have skin as thick as a rhino

Defeat wasn't nice at the weekend. What was worse however was how some supporters appeared to like that we didn't win so they could jump in on Steve Bruce. I gotta tell you, even I was surprised.

We're having the best season we've had in a generation, we've come off seven straight wins and some are using the defeat as a way to have a pop at the manager. I gotta tell you, I was shocked. The people I was with after the match were shocked and judging by responses I've read online today, I'm not alone. Some Aston Villa supporters ... well, you've to wonder.

Some of what I read on this site, Twitter and Facebook clearly demonstrates that some have an issue with the manager first and foremost and waited for this defeat so they could act as if this was the seventh straight defeat. There is no willingness to take the defeat as just a defeat and move on. It was like, we lost, they had to make a song and dance of it.

If I knew they were fourteen years old, I'd accept it, but I get the feeling that these people are older than fourteen. Ironically, the fourteen year olds don't know anything other than mediocrity, so they are less likely to moan and complain.

Thankfully I did see at least one post about not blowing it out of proportion and that made me feel a little happier.

Some also seem to have forgot that of the seven wins we had three of them were by one goal and I write that because it appears to me that we didn't exactly go out in those matches to try and batter them.

We went out against Fulham to get a goal on the counter. It was clear as day after ten minutes that we were looking to steal something, much like we have done a few times this season. If it works, everyone loves the manager. If it doesn't, he's hated. The swing isn't fair. Sometimes you have to take the bad with the good and again, when we're having the best season in a generation, I think when you lose after seven straight wins, it should be okay to take that in your stride.

The most surprising part was how some were trying to leverage the defeat to have a little pop at me, to prove me wrong. That baffled me.

We lost, we move on. We're third in the table and there is a long way to go. Time to support, not moan.

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