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Steve Bruce today and Elmohamady in January?

I wrote a post yesterday, then decided that it wasn't worth posting because you it started with the line if it smells like Steve Bruce, sort of looks like Steve Bruce and sounds like Steve Bruce, it's probably Steve Bruce. I think went into a thing about supporters and those that wanted Lambert were probably the same that thought Sherwood was going to bring success and how we're our own worst enemy at times.

The bottom line is a simple one; of all the candidates, Steve Bruce is the best qualified to get us promoted. Like him or dislike him doesn't matter, it's about the job he is tasked with.

I went one step further and tried to suggest that maybe Bruce, given the funds that he's never really had, could also do a little more than just get us promoted, but that was when I decided I was entering The Twilight Zone.

So surely it's today

And this post is mostly because the last post was getting too many comments, but also because I imaging the announcement will be made today and I imagine it was around the negotiations about how much money he was going to get in January.

I say this because reports yesterday were suggesting he is lining up a move for Ahmed Elmohamady from Hull, who he also signed when at Sunderland.

If true, I want to remind you of the post before this one where I write that manager having to prove himself first. Now, Steve Bruce has proven himself and that is why he is the best candidate, but we also have to factor in that change disrupts the dressing room and that's why things like number of new players should be limited.

It's about having a proper plan built on real foundations. And about getting rid of the clown Micah Richards and the rotting Gabby Agbonlahor. But they were the only two changes we needed in the summer and I wrote about that too also.