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Stand as one? Aston Villa fans have a part to play if relegation happens

There has been an outpouring of anger on social media the last 48 hours over the lack of activity in the transfer window and the result last night. And while I'm actually quite surprised we didn't bring anyone in, I also think that we've had enough changes this season, so maybe it's a good thing. Maybe it isn't, but when we don't know and it's either a positive or negative feeling, I'll pick the positive, while there is still a chance.

As for the result last night. Considering we were down to ten men after 17 minutes, it wasn't that bad. That's not to say what happened was wrong or that it's okay to lose. It's not. I'm just saying, it could have been worse. We looked a little more determined but in the second half we were battered, but that was always going to happen.

And while a lot of people are convinced we're going down and I understand it's easy to think that, I still believe we have a chance. I also think that Aston Villa fans have two important roles to play if that happens and I'm only going to write this once. You see, I see all these calls for protests - but it will really achieve nothing, because we have an owner that isn't going to fire himself.

We need to demonstrate that as supporters of Aston Villa - we are important and the only way to show this to an owner interested in revenue, is by taking that away.

While we have a chance

This is obvious, but while we have a chance of staying up we really need to create the atmosphere of real support and we need to show the players and the manager that they are supported. This is the important part; the message to the players and the manager. They must know that they are supported and that the supporters are behind them.

They need to know that because if the worst happens, there is something very important that Aston Villa supporters have to do. And we all know it's not down to the manager or the players. We all know where the blame should be placed.

If the worst happens

And I know it's not nice to think about the worst happening, especially for those of us that still think there is a chance we can stay up, but the day it's confirmed, then Aston Villa supporters need to act like supporters and not customers. Aston Villa supporters, for one match only need to not go to Villa Park. Aston Villa supporters must send a message to the world that they're not happy. If Aston Villa fans want to help Randy Lerner to sell the club, then this is what they have to do.

They have to send a message and that message isn't as customers packing a stadium and handing over the cash, it's as supporters and not by not handing over the cash. The important part is for the very next match at Villa Park and even though the club is relegated, Villa Park has to be full to the rafters.

Supporters must act as one and show any potential new owner the strength of the Aston Villa supporters and if you don't like this, that's your choice and it's fine. Come up with another idea or suggestion and try and get everyone to take part in that. I believe that what I'm proposing puts Aston Villa on the global stage, it sends the message and it allows supporters the opportunity to act like supporters and not customers. Someone run with it. Like it. Share it. There are a few weeks to prepare for it and it might not happen. But if you want to demonstrate the power of Aston Villa supporters, I can't think of a more powerful way.

Lead or follow

Bottom line, we have to do something different. If we just copy what others have done, we're competing for column inches and exposure and awareness. If we do something that hasn't happened before, we lead and it becomes a story. The story is that we're not happy and that with the right owner, we'll support him or her and we'll back the team. It's not overly complicated. It's actually quite simple.

And as long as the players and manager know why we're doing this, then the message is clear to them and to the footballing world. Time to stand as one or bicker and moan.

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