Something for the ladies and Gérard Houllier

This is starting to feel like a transfer window under the previous manager. Soon we will just be grateful with whoever is given the job. Today, the speculation surrounds Gérard Houllier and this peaked my interest.

It peaked, because normally I would dismiss a 'Director of Football' role because you normally associate it, okay I normally associate it with, two people coming together that really shouldn't come together, but we have a potential different scenario at Aston Villa.

You see, the speculation suggests that Kevin MacDonald would continue and Gérard Houllier would come in above him and there is every chance something like that might work. On the other hand, there is every chance that it doesn't, but on first glance, it does feel okay.

There would have to be clearly defined lines of responsibility, but Houllier would certainly bring a wealth of football experience to the club and this is something missing at the moment. However, if he is appointed the Director of Football, he would have to buy into Kevin MacDonald from day one, if Kevin MacDonald is picked as manager or coach.

Another day another rumour

But, this is today. Yesterday we had Curbs and no doubt tomorrow we will have someone else, although of all the suggestions to date, I think this one would make most supporters happy.

Also, just because the Director of Football thing doesn't always seem to work at other clubs doesn't mean it wouldn't work here. We are in dire need of having someone at the club, above the post of manager, that is a football man.

It just feels like, if we are to put our faith in Kevin MacDonald, the club has a responsibility to support him as much as possible and having someone like Houllier to meet with on-demand can surely not be a bad thing. But, like I said, clearly defined lines of responsibility, that Kevin MacDonald, or whoever the new manager is, must sign off on.

Sven Sven Sven Goran Eriksson

A final note today, The Sun have today said that Sven is no longer in the running. They don't give a reason and we don;t actually know if he was on any list, but I think this is best all round as I don't get the impression Sven would be round that long if he did come, although the man does have a very good CV at club level.

Right. Nothing else on the Aston Villa radar unless you are interested to learn that Andy Marshall has joined the club again as cover and there is a Ladies Day at Villa Park on September 18th. More information here.