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So many questions, but one thing is for sure, there is some blind hope floating around

There is very little on the internet about our new owner other than what the official club website have told us. I'm finding it hard to find any real information about our new owner and I'm finding it hard to figure out his worth as an individual. I have found a list of the 50 wealthiest Chinese people and he's not on it, but that doesn't mean he's not got a few quid.

And I'm also seeing a lot of people praise Steve Hollis. For me, praising Steve Hollis for selling the club for a reported £140,000,000.00 below the asking price is a little like praising Paul Faulkner for putting Acorns on the shirt because he couldn't find a sponsor. Sure, the club is sold, but it's sold for a lot less than it's really worth.

These things don't get me excited and when you think that we've not got a new owner, with a new CEO and a new manager coming in, when we've just been relegated into a League that nobody at the club at the moment has experience of, I hear alarm bells. I hope some will start to see why I wrote that continuity was important after relegation to the Championship.

Some on Twitter call it negativity, I like to call it reality.

But just because I can't find that much information about the owner doesn't mean it's not there and it also doesn't mean that he isn't extremely successful and a football mastermind. I mean, Pat Murphy told BBC Radio 5 live that "the new chairman is a prominent businessman and a seriously impressive business leader in China" so there has to be information out there, it's just that as I'm not a reporter with reporting skills, I am still to find what Pat has found.

And I'm only writing this post because so many seem to be getting carried away. Don't they remember 2006 and haven't they learnt that the official club website, isn't a news website but a marketing tool?

Look; I hope to be shown that our new resident Doctor is a shrewd businessman that surrounds himself with the right people and that decisions are made with foresight and not just with what is on the table today. But only time will tell. Not a marketing tool. And it's going to take several decisions and results, not PR and spin.

And yesterday I wrote that I was sceptical and nothing has changed, but now you have my reasons. You have to look around but for me there are still so many unanswered questions. Why did Bernstein and King resign at about the time a price or deal was agreed with our new owner? Why is the price so low and what type of Doctor is our new owner? Is he paying or has he borrowed the money?

This isn't negativity. This is the real world. But lets wait and see what happens and lets hope it's all good. But just as there is a chance we get promoted next season, there is now more chance that we don't and there is every possibility we've got an owner that doesn't have a clue. Finally once again; only time will tell.