Short and sweet, is Fulham must win for the manager and highlights

I don't remember everything I write, but I do remember my views and opinions and it's nice to see that the manager hasn't been sacked this morning. The performance yesterday was better and barring a couple of mistakes and with a little bit of luck, we would have won.

I know, too many ifs and buts about a match we ultimately lost. But as I've just been reminded this morning, the real test is Thursday against Fulham. It would be too easy for me to focus on the errors from yesterday or missed chances and as the manager said after the game, mistakes are made.

So we have to look to Thursday and there are reports circulating on social media that the manager has two games to save his job. Guess what, some managers and players thrive under pressure and maybe this is what the manager needs.

If the players want to play for Steven Gerrard then they'll put in a performance for him on Thursday but the manager has to make another tough decision. Does he leave out Coutinho and Buendia again. It's tough because without them, things did look more promising.

Fulham are 11th and if everything went our way this week and we beat them, we could be 11th. The other day, had we won the game we were playing, three points would have taken us to ninth. As the season progresses, things get further away and that is why we need to win in London this week.

If you also look at their form, they've picked up four points from the last five games while we've picked up six. If form is to be considered, you might say we stand a chance. Dare I say it, this is a must win game for Steven Gerrard?