Mini season preview: Real reasons to be optimistic this time out

It's been a while since I last wrote a season preview post. I didn't really get inspired by the Championship, so only wrote one and in it, I even alluded to it taking time to come back up. The one before that, I think I even wrote about bracing for relegation.

But football isn't rocket science and it's easy to make the easy predictions.

It's not difficult to not write a season preview post when supporters are turning on each other and when we had the owner we had. By the time I had written that last one, I'd even stopped writing his name as I sat back watching so many on Twitter falling over themselves for a re-tweet. I was so happy when the fake Doctor left because he was the reason we stayed down as long as we did.

But things are different now. And it's not just about the new owners although they play a large part. Some of it is down to us as supporters and the squad, but most of it is down to Dean Smith. There is a reason to feel optimistic about the season and we also now know that the Championship isn't the end of the world.

Last season was the best season we've had in a long time and while we all want to be challenging for the Premier League, it was actually fun and I enjoyed it. Sure, I'm happier we're back in the Premier League, but it wouldn't have bothered me that much had we not come up. I know that wont sit well with some, but it's just they way it is.

The season ahead

So what can we look forward to this season? For me, it's a team playing for 90 minutes at 100% and a team that is trying to score goals. That will mean we let a few in and it might turn out to be edge of the seat stuff, but I also think the manager has brought in some very good defenders and a couple of midfielders that may surprise.

And going forward, I think we've got players that will also create chances and we know we've got players that know where the goal is. Now, this is where I could start to get a little too optimistic, so I'm trying to hold back a bit, but I think this could be a very good season for us.

But what is good for me, might not be good for others and for some it might be impossible. But if Wolves can qualify for Europe, I think we can too and I don't think we're going to struggle. I think we're going to surprise.

And it all comes down to Dean Smith for me. Remember, Dean Smith is my manager. One thing for sure, Saturday is going to be fun and interesting to see what happens, but there are going to be 37 more of these to come and at the end of the season as long as we see this team spirit and determination, I'll be happy.

And yes, I've been saving links to all the press suggesting we're the new Fulham and the predictions that we'll struggle. I can't see it happening, but maybe I'm too close.