Rumours in March include Mbark Boussofa and Kyle Naughton but we need more!

I mean no offence to the players that are getting linked to us today, but if these are the players we are going after then our expectations for next season, if things do not work out this one, are going to be shattered before the season even begins.

I'm not saying Martin O'Neill, but the club have done a fantastic job of getting our expectations raised the past couple of seasons and I don't think there has been a transfer window where we can say we were really satisfied.

I know this sounds silly, but we need to see an influx of speculation right about now for quite a few players. You think I'm mad, but sorry, it's not madness, it's planning.

Basically, Martin O'Neill can not finish the season, have his holiday wherever he is going this year then come back and start working on his transfer targets. He's got to get them lined up now and he's got to get as much of the groundwork done as possible.

To some extent, while rumours are quite horrible, it would be stupid of us to think that if Martin O'Neill is interested, there isn't going to be something getting out. People talk and it's sounds stupid, but we want to be hearing rumours.

The two today are Kyle Naughton, a right back at Sheffield United and Mbark Boussoufa, a midfield playmaker from Anderlecht.

The thing is, we need better than these two players we're getting linked to today and while I'm a big fan of Martin O'Neill adding three or four players to the squad he has now, you've got to fancy that he's going to lose one, two or maybe even three this summer, so while I like the slower approach of really building a team it could be that if we don't find five or six players then we're not going to be moving forward.

Again, no disrespect to the players, but it also can't just be squad players that we're after. Martin O'Neill has to look at adding to the starting eleven and in real quality - not blarney squad quality.

But at the same time, I hate rumours, however I also want to see them this year because we need the players if we're going to seriously challenge in anything next season, I mean the small squad excuse was used last season, we really didn't expect it to be used again this one and it can't be used next season, we have a multi-millionaire owner after all.

So, this isn't just about the two players were' getting linked to, but a call to arms. Spend the money O'Neill and don't go on holiday until your job is done. Get it done early and get it done professionally, no excuses next season and if you think we're impatient and unrealistic, don't blame us, it was the club that set our expectations.