Robert Pires, the Asia Trophy and nearly nothing else

I was going to post something about Wayne Rooney today, because it is football and it does appear he wants to leave Manchester United, but after writing it out and reading it through, all I was actually doing was adding more fuel to the story, so I deleted it.

I deleted it because I think Wayne Rooney has peaked and Cristiano Ronaldo aside, Sir Alex Ferguson has never lost a player he didn't want to lose. I fancy Sir Alex knows he has seen the best of Rooney and now is the time to cash in. The PR machine that supports Rooney is now in sixth gear and they will do everything to earn their percentage when he moves to Manchester City or Chelsea.

So, instead of talking about Wayne Rooney, who I have come to despise after his outburst in the World Cup, we are going to talk about Robert Pires instead.

There are some things you can not teach

Robert Pires is 36 years old but he was an integral part of the Arsenal side that won three League titles and three FA Cups and he also scored a goal every three games, playing on the wing. The man has undoubted qualities and he wants to play for Aston Villa.

Robert Pires
If I have an opportunity from Aston Villa, I will jump at it. But I will analyse any proposition. I don't want to go anywhere and fight every weekend against relegation.

Now, he is getting on and he isn't what he was but he was playing in the Champions League last season and his knowledge of the game and his footballing brain are things that you either have or you don't and players will learn from him.

I'm not saying pay him what he wants, he most probably doesn't need the money, but if he is talking up Aston Villa, why not let him come and play and let some of the younger wingers learn a thing or two?

The Asia Trophy

In news; the club will be joining Chelsea and Blackburn Rovers to play the Hong Kong champions in the four-team Asia Trophy next year to help prepare for the 2011-12 season.

The tournament will begin on July 27th next year and I have a feeling that if the club are going to be taking part, that is where pre-season is also going to take place. So, when the wife starts talking about holiday destinations for next summer - you now know what to say and be prepared for an onslaught of Thomas Cook promotions from the club.

The end is nigh

There is nothing else, unless you want to talk about how Curtis Davies has timed his attack on Martin O'Neill to perfection, which I don't, because it will only bring up old opinions about the manager, but what Davies is saying is interesting.

So, with nothing else, I tip my cap and head back to bed. I have what can only be described as a very severe case of influenza which requires lots of Lemsip, probably some chicken soup for dinner and lots and lots of rest.