QPR tomorrow, Darren Bent today

I was tempted to write about the performance on Wednesday morning but I didn't want to muddy the water. We picked up three points and that was all that mattered. Just because we played a poor side doesn't mean our performance was poor. I'd like to call it shoddy, but I'm not sure how that really fits.

The truth is and I've written this before, that game, as well as QPR and Stoke are important games and one game in, we have three points. Forget about the performance, we got the three points.

Performance matters though and that will have to come in time. But managing a football club isn't easy.

Darren Bent Bent Bent

So, we have QPR tomorrow and it's just as important as Reading was and we need three points, but that can wait. Talk is talk and while I normally leave the talk where it should be left, all things are now starting to point to Paul Lambert, despite his protestations that he doesn't, having a problem with Darren Bent.

There is talk that Bent stormed out of Villa Park the other night after learning he wasn't even on the bench, before getting talked back into watching the game. There is also talk that that never happened. There is also talk that West Ham, QPR and Liverpool are all interested in Darren Bent. Will he still be here after January?

For me, things point to Darren Bent leaving. That might not be in January, it could very well be the summer, but I think it is fair to say that he doesn't like the way he is getting treated and I think it fair to say, based on his record with us, that he has every right to feel that way.

But, it's all about the actions. Actions speak louder than words and we don't see what goes on in training, we only have the numbers from the pitch and they clearly don't count for much.


And this is where I leave you today, because it is a big match tomorrow and I can read the excuses already; Harry Redknapp. Well, truth is, QPR are bottom of the table and new manager or not, that is where they deserve to be.

We need three points tomorrow and from late morning, I'll be here and we'll also be announcing the t-shirt winner tomorrow with a high probability of another for the match. And on that, coffee time.