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QPR this week, round-up and video of the day

I know Sweden are playing Italy tonight but other than that, all that other football is over isn't and we're back to proper football this weekend? And it's QPR and I like QPR. Not because I like the team, but I do like that part of London.

And the truth is, there is no reason to dislike QPR and you know what, if you look closely enough, there are similarities between us and them.

I mean, they have a fake billionaire owner just like us and by that I mean, he's a billionaire, much like when I visit Mozambique, I'm also a billionaire, but if I want to be a billionaire in England, I have to suck thumbs. And he also arrived, created a lot of hope and optimism.

But look at them now. Destined to be a Championship Club for years to come. It could happen to us. QPR fans might even argue that it's happening to us.

But I think Paul Merson said it best this week.

Steve Bruce is the man to get Aston Villa up, there is no doubt about that. He has been in the Championship enough times. You look at his CV. He got Birmingham promoted twice. He got Hull City promoted twice. For me he is right man, 100 per cent.

But we're not really like QPR and we have a real chance this season. We didn't have the best result last time out and as Merson also said, it's about how we bounce back. The chart is looking favourable and three points this weekend is exactly what the Doctor ordered. The proper, real, medical Doctor that is.

Aston Villa round-up

  • Newcastle United midfielder Mo Diame has been linked.
  • Arsenal are rumoured to be interested in Steve Round.

Video of the day