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Proud history, support or protest and Crystal Palace

I've not posted since the match at Wycombe and it's not because of the draw, it's quite simply because of what happened after, at the stadium and social media. I mean, is what happened really called for?

But you know what, it was a very small number of people that had probably had too much to drink. But do those people think it's helping. Or let me put it another way; do they think that Randy Lerner doesn't know people are unhappy?

Sure, things are as bad as they can be, but are we surprised? What has happened at Aston Villa over the past few years will be written about and taught. Some will even lecture about what happened at Aston Villa. It was a train wreck from day one.

Proud history, bright future. Actions speak louder than words. Five year plan. Sound familiar?

And I mean no disrespect with this next part, but this was never about football or Aston Villa for Randy Lerner, it was about money. Hopefully you all know this now. Not that it matters now.

Protest or support, it's your choice

So there are two options that exist right now and it's one or the other. You either support the players and the manager for ninety minutes each match and do it in a way that we've not experienced at Villa Park for a few years, or you protest. You can protest by not going or you can protest by waving banners or booing or holding up a red card. You can even wait until the players arrive at Villa Park and you can abuse them personally.

It's a choice and you get to make it tonight. But when the opportunity of a sort of protest (the term used was demonstration) was presented last time, in essence to warn about what is happening right now, it was as good as ignored. So even though every sane person would agree that a loud Villa Park can only be good for the players, nobody is going to do it, because now it's about protesting.

And you could easily say that we're relegated, but we're not yet. There are enough games left to keep us up. And sure, tonight will be the second game in the transfer window with no new players, but there are still enough games to go. And, one day the manager will get it right. Of that, I trust blind optimism.

Crystal Palace

So it's Palace tonight at Villa Park. To say a win is needed is needed but to say support is, is. It all comes down to tonight and I know it's been a long time, but wouldn't it be nice to get the three points tonight. Maybe it will be what is needed. Updates and team news later. Now it's back to work.