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Protest at the right time, not against Everton, you'll make us look silly

You've heard all the blarney before about how it's hard to write about Aston Villa or write the same things week in week out, so I'm not going there. But I am going to repeat myself today. I'm also going to try and make it really simple.

And I'm not going to write about accidental tweets, resignation letters making social media or investigations as to why this season has been the shambles it has been. I mean, is an investigation really necessary, seriously?

I' not going to write about those, because I don't think anything really needs to be written by me. I actually feel, that if I have to write an opinion about those things, something is really wrong. What I am going to write about is this talked about walk out protest against Everton.

But before protest talk, lets look at Leicester and Liverpool

After 26 games last season Leicester were bottom with only two points more than us today. If they can stay up, why can't we? Also connected to this; on current form, we're 11th. Albeit we got spanked last time out, doesn't this suggest things are moving in the right direction?

Now, I know it's easy to say things aren't going to change, but that's why it's called easy. The fact is, Leicester were as bad as us last season at this point and they survived. Nobody thought it possible then, but it turned out it was.

Now to Liverpool. They did a walk out protest the other week about ticket prices. Look what happened when they lost the support in that match. They were winning 2-0 with 13 minutes to go and conceded two and dropped two points. Here comes that word again. It's easy for me to say that the conceded two goals because the supporters left, so I wont. What I will say however is this; it's a bit of a coincidence.

Protest at the right time

Now, to my point. A protest isn't a bad idea, but it should be done for the right reasons, at the right time and we also shouldn't be following what a club did a few weeks ago because it just looks unoriginal and tired. And what do we actually hope to achieve by holding up banners saying Lerner out? Seriously, has anyone thought about this or even asked the question?

Only a few weeks ago the owner appointed a new Chairman. The owner has had the club up for sale since 2012 and if reports are to be believed he's dropped his asking price by £50mn. What is it that supporters actually want him to do; give Aston Villa away for free or worse still sell to someone that ponies up a few quid but nothing to back it up?

The fact of the matter is that we're not relegated and there remains a chance. But for there to be any real chance, then there needs to be encouragement and support and a belief. We don't need negativity and people streaming out of the stadium. You might not believe it's possible and that is your choice, but until we are relegated, I'm going to believe that it's possible. If Leicester can do it, so can Aston Villa.

But once again, I'm going to write that if we are relegated, then that is a time to demonstrate, but I think the demonstration has to be for the right reasons and one that shows what supporters of Aston Villa can achieve. If, while there is a chance, Aston Villa supporters support, that will be seen. If when it's over and we are relegated, we need to put Aston Villa very much in the shop window and to do that, do one simple thing; don't go to the next home match.

Think about it for a second. If we copy Liverpool fans, it's just seen as another club jumping on the bandwagon. If we do our own thing and just don't show up for one game, it will be global news and the message will be clear; Aston Villa fans want a new owner and for those interested, watch the next match. The next match, even though Aston Villa are relegated, is when it's a full Villa Park. The point is to create awareness for the right reasons - not for something that isn't going to happen.

But if you want to add some caveats to it; Tom Fox has to go, because he's the man that has put us in this mess. But if talk is true, this investigation is very much aimed at him. It turns out Steve Hodge might have a plan after all, but we'll find out soon enough. I think having King on the board has helped.

And I know for many that relegation is looked at as a certainty, but it only looks that way at the moment. Things can change and it starts with us. Don't protest against Everton, it's a silly idea.