Positive and negative, but it can't get any worse for Aston Villa

We play West Brom at the weekend and if Reading have a good result at Newcastle we could find ourselves 19th in the table. But no reason to panic, it's all under control.

And it cant be easy to get a player to come to the club. There is all that red tape, the negotiations, the personality and background checks. It must be hard work and that must be the reason why we haven't strengthened.

But for all we know, the club could be about to announce two new players until the end of the season. They could you know, they really could.

I'm sorry. I shouldn't be taking this tone. They know how important it is. They must. I'm serious, we've got some clever guys at the club. An ex-footballer running the football side of things and Paul Faulkner.

People are talking

And it isn't just because we think it. More and more people are coming out stating what is needed on almost a daily basis at the moment.

I know it is easy to write these things after the fact and we're sitting in the bottom three of the Premier League but you don't need to have been an ex-player to see these things happen anymore. We see more football these days than our parents did and many of us see more than many at the club.

Playing football these days isn't like it was and that is why we could write a few months ago that hiring Paul Lambert was a gamble and why Paul Faulkner should have been sacked when Alex McLeish was sacked. Or moved to HR.

But hopefully, with all this talk and all the negative press the club is getting at the moment, things will start to happen.

It's positive too

And the negativity is laced with admiration and that has to be mentioned. What Lambert is trying is admirable but you don't win anything with kids. Four or five maybe, but not a whole team and I'm sure he recognises this mistake and maybe he even factored it in and knew that he would have January to fix things.

Maybe he didn't expect it to be so bad, but we still have January and I'm not sure Reading will win at the weekend and I even think Sunderland will beat Wigan so there is every chance, if we get something at the weekend, that we'll see ourselves leave the bottom three and that has to be good news.

And this is where it could all begin because it really can't get any worse.