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Plenty of reasons to be optimistic and the Gabby connection

It's that we gifted Derby the win that makes today not so great. But it's happened and as a grown up, I move on. We're still fifth, still having the best season we've had in years, so as a grown up I take it on the chin. It happens.

I could, not act like a grown up for the rest of this paragraph, if you'd like? We should be in the Premier League. We must sack the manager. Blah blah blah.

Or, as a grown up I can accept that we did this to ourselves and that when we were relegated we made too many changes. We appointed the wrong manager and put faith in an owner that had never done this before and thought he of all people was going to get it right first time.

It doesn't matter. We're no longer a Premier League club and the truth is, because we didn't go back up at the first time of asking, the chances of us going up this season are not so good. From a what has happened in the past point of view. And you can't blame the manager, you really can't. But some will.

They'll blame the most successful manager at getting teams promoted out of this League instead of the people that had never done this before, made and allowed all the changes and then sacked the manager that they backed three months before.

Or you can blame them in your head, move on and support the team that is currently fifth in the table with the most successful manager at getting teams out of this League into the Premier League with more than half of the season to go.

Gabby was in

Gabby was involved and we lost. Coincidence? I think not. Bruce has to learn sooner rather than later. If your main striker wakes up sick and you don't even trust the two fit players you have so you start the match without a recognised striker, why even bother throwing him on for the last few minutes?

Gabby is a sort of disease that needs to be cut out and discarded.

And we will be a better team when John Terry and Keinan Davis are back. We'll be winning again and with more than half of the season still to go, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic.

Or ....