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One more beer please, here we go and it's this good

First up, I must apologise for my lack of activity. The weekend was a short one for me and at the moment I'm in North Carolina and quite busy dealing with no sleep for 36 hours, so writing about how Aston Villa made it hard for themselves took a back seat.

But, I do owe you a post and if this goes in a strange direction, I've already given you my excuse ... lack of sleep. But you know what, I don't think it will.

It's not going to go strange though because this season is going to go down to the wire and if I write something now, I could get a huge amount of egg on my face and by writing that you all know what I so want to write. And now that I've formed a thought, this is where I'm going to get into trouble again.

I wrote recently about how we're having our best season for a long time. Then I think at the weekend I might have mentioned it again. And we are. A lot of Aston Villa fans wont remember the last time we won six in a row. For so many Aston Villa fans, they've not experienced it this good.

And by this good, I mean wins. We're not going to win the Premier League so playing in that League doesn't really matter. That we are winning games on a fairly regular basis at the moment is the best many have experienced. And football is about winning. It's not about the League you play in.

Here we go

And that's the thing. I wouldn't mind if we stayed in this League. I live in Sweden so I get every game live. And we're winning. I've not enjoyed a season as much as this for years and that is despite all the negativity surrounding the manager.

Sure, I'd like to be playing Premier League football and challenging for the title year in, year out. But again, unless I've made some huge mistakes, that I clearly make on a regular basis, it isn't going to happen, unless the owner sells up or finds half a billion quid. And one of those isn't going to happen.

Unless I'm wrong. And I could be.

But we're doing this well this season because of Steve Bruce, nobody else. Shit, I can sense I'm getting into trouble and sharing a view that some are going to think isn't right. But, you know what, I'm 43 years old and I know. I just know.

But I could be wrong. And our owner could be a billionaire. One more beer please.

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