News, QPR are 9th and a possible four point cushion

Well, there is a huge amount of renewed optimism surrounding Aston Villa at the moment and I also feel it, but I'm still cautious. If Wigan win their game in hand, we're back in the bottom three and we have tough fixtures to come, starting this weekend.

I read something at the weekend that said had the season started when Harry took over, QPR would be ninth. I don't mean to be an alarmist, but if we lose this game, we are right back in it. On the other hand, if we win, it would more than likely create a four point cushion to the relegation zone.

So, we know what is needed and we have a few advantages. The biggest one is that we are at home. The next is that we've been playing some okay football of late, after moving away from the three central defenders.

And it is refreshing to see the manager do that. It suggests he learns and develops and when he figures something out something isn't right, he moves on. I'm sure he believed in it and I'm sure we'll see it again, but for now, he knows it isn't best.

News round up

But all that is to come in a match post. Today, I'm looking at the news from this week and oh, is it a good week.

First up is the rallying cry from Ron Vlaar. I'm glad to see the club site are not doing it anymore after it seemed to come every other week the season before last, but this time it comes from Sky Sports. We should just hope they don't pick up on it and start it up again.

We've also got the momentum now, according to Paul Lambert. I'm not sure what exactly he is referring to as I haven't read the tory, but I suspect it is how we are playing football, because one win doesn't create momentum and the football is looking better, even if for large parts of the season, it always has.

Lastly for today, Chris Herd is out for the rest of the season after failing to recover from a foot injury picked up either at training or during a scuffle outside a pub around New Years Eve, depending on what you want to believe.

Talk is, he's going to have surgery, so should be back for next season, with Gardner.

And as they say in France, I'm off, see you next time.