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Mostly about players leaving this summer and a bold prediction

With no football for us this weekend, this week has sort of dragged on but judging by the number of comments and what I've seen of them in the previous post, it got a little heated at times. That is what not having football will do to you.

And this post is sort of to just calm things down a bit and start a fresh. You see, silly season is almost upon us and judging by some of the sites posting about players we're apparently interested in, I thought now might be a good time to reflect.

And I'll not spend too much time on why I think the CEO must go and why Lambert needs next season, or certainly most of it, that is all on this site and I think general views are well known now.

But Lambert does need next season. Sadly, unless we change things at the top, it will be more of the same. We've got a monkey at the top when what we need is an organ grinder.

But I think we're safe now. Mathematically, we're not, but there are two teams below us that would need something really special to survive in my opinion and I think out of the rest, we'll do better than one or two with the remaining games.

We're safe so we should look forward

And to the point of this post. It's sad to say that with so little happening at the club, it's mostly going to be speculation that I write about in this post.

Benteke, while recently looking better, hasn't looked like the type of player we had all hoped he was going to turn out to be this season, so I think we'll have him for another as I don't think there will be the interest in him unless he goes to the World Cup, plays with some decent players around him and someone recognised that with better players than what we have, he'll do well.

Then, we might see offers coming in for him and I think he'll be off. A fair chunk more than half of me thinks he is off anyway. But that's just me.

But most of the speculation seems to be about players coming in. I pray, hope to everything that is right in the football world, that someone tells Lambert it's no more than two players this summer. He messed up last time, he can't be allowed to mess up again this time.

It will sadly be about players leaving this summer and I think a few will be going. So, prediction; two new players in during the summer and they'll both cost in the region of £10mn and I wouldn't be surprised it a little more.