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More from the new Krulak and why I think of Kodak and Blockbuster when I think of Aston Villa

As regular viewers will know, I stopped posting about player speculation a long time ago. It was good to get clicks but it was a waste of time. And that's why The Mirror are reporting that Sean Dyche is on a shortlist to be the next manager. There can be no truth in this. We've got rid of all the stupid people ... or so you think.

Even if the club was set up as it should be, for a manager to have control over footballing matters and direct access to the purse holder, Dyche wouldn't be right.

But seeing as we've got a set up at the moment that means the manager doesn't have control of footballing matters and no direct access to the man with the money, we will probably end up with someone like Dyche and we'll end up standing still. A Pearson or a Dyche. Not the one we all accept now as the one we need.

But if someone like Dyche takes it, they'll know it's not going to work and they'll know they're doing it for a payday. And while I fear it will be someone like Dyche because of the way the club is now set up, it looks like we're just going to accept it. Actually, we'll find out soon if we're accepting it and endorsing it.

And what I mean by endorsing it is this; they're telling us they're doing it - they're not hiding that nothing is going to change. They've just changed people and called it something else. Nobody can be surprised that we're going to stand still and nothing is really going to change. In fact, I'd not be surprised if it got worse. A lot worse.

Endorse it and spend money or don't endorse it and stop spending money. But don't buy your season ticket or replica shirt and then start complaining half way through next season because they're told you what is going to happen.

David Bernstein is the new General Krulak

At the very moment, I have already asked a group of people to start to look at the whole playing situation - where we stand, what we have got, what we need, what we might need if we stay up, what we need if we go down and so on. We are getting a plan together, along with the financial implications of that, so we have a proper thought-through plan which we can begin to implement.

The above scares me. It really really scares me and I really must be the only one. And the appointment of Bevington just smells of jobs for the boys. We don't need a review to know where we went wrong. We need a proper football manager.

The last thing Aston Villa has to offer

So, we're on the verge of relegation. Bernstein is talking about a proper, thought-through plan and by the way, this is why I call him the new Krulak. But the thing is, we don't need a proper thought-through plan. We need to get two or three people in the room with Lerner. We need to talk about a realistic vision for the club and that should be based on winning the Championship next season and the season after aiming for European football.

This isn't 1985 and if we have learnt anything from this season, it's that in football you can not make plans or predictions. You have to live in an ever changing state and you must adapt to what is happening around you every single day. Not make plans and implement them like it's Y2K.

And right now the only thing we've got is our name. We're Aston Villa and it still has some pull. But nobody worth using that pull for is going to come with a football board run by a man that is busy makes plans and has to ask someone else for money. It's not going to happen.

Bernstein can have all the plans he wants but they shouldn't have anything to do with football matters. And those that read the blog will think I'm blowing this all out of proportion, but do you remember when I called it a dark day for Aston Villa. If this continues, we're about to enter a dark period for Aston Villa.

In fact, Aston Villa are the new Kodak

What is happening now has all the hallmarks of a Blockbuster or a Kodak. We think we're too big but we're not. And it's the actions, not the words that I base this on. I watch what is happening and I feel sad. I fear the only thing that can save us now is the scrapping of the football board and Hollis and Lerner spending a weekend together getting drunk.

And now I've written that, watch Dyche or a manager like him, take the job at the end of the season and get us up at first time of asking. And many will think that is great and that we're moving in the right direction. But what happens then? Wait for it, let the penny drop.

That's it, we're back to where we were at the start of this season because we know Dyche isn't going to keep us up and we're not going to be able to magically attract a better manager because we're in the Premier League. They will know we're going to struggle - because we've not changed anything. Now is the time for real change. Not just change in words and personal.

If we keep this football board and this hierarchal approach, we're just prolonging the inevitable.

Blockbuster went bust in 2013 - ten years after BitTorrent accounted for 30% of all internet traffic - you don't think they knew what was going on? Kodak went bust because despite investing hundred of millions to take digital pictures, the business wanted to protect it's film business so never released the camera. Instead someone else did and Kodak were too far behind and now they're dead. Nobody thought Kodak would die.

Both of those companies made proper thought-through plans to save the business; one opened more stores and the other reduced the price of the film. Even at the time, deep down, the people making those decisions knew they were wrong, but they didn't know what else today because this was what they had always done. It was old men that didn't move with the times. Look at our board. All dinosaurs. I'm sorry to be so harsh - but it's just the names that have changed.

If this season has taught us anything, it's that if you keep doing the same things and just call them something else, things are not going to change. It's what we're doing and if we get relegated this season and we don't change our entire way of working, I fear it's the end of Aston Villa as many of us know it.

There is only one chance after this happens and we either take it or we don't, but there can be no more complaining if you endorse it.