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Missed much, next season and Hull

My thinking was that if I left it long enough after the last match, things would have calmed down a bit and with this break for international football, I'm sort of hoping it has. But I could be wrong.

And yes, nothing has changed for me. I still think it will go down to the wire and even if we're not promoted automatically, I still think we stand a very good chance. And even if we don't go up, it's not the end of the world. It really isn't.

And there is a group that have actually enjoyed this season more than they've enjoyed a season for a long time and is that such a bad thing, actually enjoying the season? Forget everything else for a moment and ask yourself this; would you rather win more than you lose?

I know this post isn't going to go down well with everyone but I also know that for others, it will make sense. So I'm happy knowing that. But what have I missed?

Gabby is gone

I've probably missed a lot more than this, but I've read this morning that Gabby is going. Look, I always wanted Gabby to do well, but it never worked out for him. In his best season he scored 16 goals in 46 appearances. That's a goal every 2.9 games.

That season was 2009/10 and if you played for Chelsea and just happened to take their penalties and you scored them all, you'd have scored 12 goals. I'm sorry, but a goal every four games for a striker isn't good enough and while I had hoped, for a time, that his pace on the wing would have been enough for him to have a starting place, that didn't really work out either.

I'm also of the mind that Gabby playing isn't good for the team and since he's not been in or around the team, we've done better. Him and Richards, well, it's better for the Club and team that they're not involved.

Did I miss anything else?

Hull at the weekend

Now, this isn't must win, but we have to win it. Yes, I'm confusing myself a little today. We have to win, if we want to have any real chances of automatic promotion but at the same time if we don't win, it would need a catastrophic end of season for us to not end up in the top six.

And yes, everything is possible, but we have to be optimistic, I mean, we'd all like to win more than we lose, right?

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