Massive few days for Tim Sherwood coming up and he needs his Traoré

So, that went quickly. And I want to apologise publicly and openly for liking Tim Sherwood to Johnny Fontane. However I do want to draw your attention to the 606 football phone in from Sunday when the adorable Kelly Cates even went so far as to suggest he couldn't go into the dressing room like that.

Sherwood is on stage 24/7 and if others think he can't go into the dressing room like that or if you think that was just an act, either way it's not good. But all can be forgotten on Saturday afternoon as long as we get the three points. The sad part of all this is that he has to win on Tuesday too.

Sherwood has to win both matches or some are going to question him and his ability to do the job. And when the other side of the argument is that he's learning and he'll get better, that will soon run out if things don't get better, in terms of results and performances and he doesn't learn. But that's just the way it is.

A look at Saturday

And this is the first test and I've written this before, but this is a good match to turn things around with. The atmosphere will be huge and it will help.

The players should be up for it and if they're not, that's the job of the manager. You could be worried that having to get up for it twice in the space of a few days is going to be tough, but winning on Saturday, playing in that atmosphere, having the support of close to 40,000 people should be addictive and they should want it again.

It shouldn't be hard but nothing in football is straightforward. And I think some of this is going to come down to who is available for Saturday. Or more to the point is one particular player available and you know who I'm talking about.

I haven't, for a very long time, wanted to see a player play in an Aston Villa shirt as much as I want to see Traoré play. From what we've seen he absolutely lives up to the billing and I think it's fair to say that if he makes the bench and we can bring him on for twenty minutes at the end, if he's needed, we'd all be quite excited to see if he can do it again.

But that's for Saturday and hopefully Tuesday. This is a huge few days for Tim Sherwood, make no mistake. More on this Saturday morning when Grealish will be the focus of the post.

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