Manchester United just better than Aston Villa

I could spend today making up some fantastic excuses but the simple fact of the matter is, Manchester United, even with a few players out, are a better team than us.

Yes, we always had a chance but we needed to be at our best and we were not. Neither were they, but they didn't have to be, so the emphasis really was on us to do the business.

So, rather than look for excuses or make them up, instead of quoting the players and manager and reading exactly what we would expect to read, I'm just going to use today to try and forget about the result yesterday.

We have some important matches coming up and we need to win a few games. Since the beginning of the year things have gone as expected but now we enter March - on paper an easy month for us, but one that Martin O'Neill has never won a match in with Aston Villa.

He will win this month and we will be going to Wembley again after we beat Reading. Getting to another final might be a little more difficult this time, but it would be fun wouldn't it.