Looks like things are happening and what about Cameron Archer?

It's starting to look like we have another player joining us this summer as reports are circulating that we've agreed a deal for Pau Torres. And you know I don't like speculation, but at the same time we needed a new post.

So, what do we know about him? Personally very little but I'm sure some do. I'm also sure our manager does.

What I do know is he's a central defender and that then raises the question on who he will be replacing. And replacing might be a strong word, but who does the manager think this player is better than?

I for one am not going to question the manager, but I did think we looked a lot better when he came in with Mings and Konsa so this will be interesting to watch play out. It is certainly going to give both a reason to up their game and we must hope that it can be upped. Then it's going to be very interesting.

In other stories there is talk that we're after Barcelona striker Ferran Torres. This seems a little too far for me considering we have Ollie and also a very promising Cameron Archer and while Torres is a couple of years older, Torres has done little to make me think (when looking at the numbers only) that he should be ahead of one of our own.

Now, one of our own is a subject worthy of a longer post, but I'm led to believe we need to have a few home grown players in our squad for next season and if that's the case, it's an okay assumption to make that Archer will be in the squad. With what we already have as options up front, do we really need to add another?

But again, I'm not questioning the manager, but I really would like to see Archer given a proper run in the side. And on that, time for a call.