Liverpool on Boxing Day, Emi and January

In the late 70's and early 80's, Liverpool were feared. Under Klopp, they got a bit of that back, but it seems to have gone again. And that's the thing with Liverpool, you don't know what you're going to get. It's why it's tough to write about Boxing Day.

I mean, nobody would have predicted us scoring seven against them and not many would have predicted Liverpool win the League this season. It's why it makes the match quite interesting. You see, I think we can beat them.

But I think we can beat most sides if we prepare correctly and with the manager we have now, I think we are going to be preparing in the right way on a more regular basis. There also isn't a big enough gap between in the quality of our best eleven and Liverpool's to think we can't beat them on any given day. Liverpool fans will disagree, but Liverpool fans are a special bunch.

And writing that could garner a comment or two so I'll stop before I get into trouble. It will be a good match and we have a chance and if we take that chance, we'll be in a very good place.

Emi Martinez

I'm only writing about Emi because there seems to be a lot written about him at the moment and I just want it written that I don't care what he did or how he did it and that this is football. When I win a game on FIFA I do things that I shouldn't. This was the World Cup and he was just given the Golden Glove award, essentially confirmed as the best keeper at the tournament, he can celebrate how he wants.

And I hope he's enjoying himself at the party he's at right now. I know I would be.

The window

And all that written, it's the January transfer window coming up and I expect to see a new player or maybe even two. I don't think it will be many because this manager knows he can't disrupt the team too much or he just creates more work for himself. And I think I've written that, more in hope, about the last few managers. But this time I think it's true.

I think this time, this manager will also know who he needs and it will be about who he wants. I think the structure the club have created is about building a squad, this manager is about building a winning team. I think we might see something impressive in January.

Pre-match interview