Lists to be created, the knowledgeable Aston Villa fans and takeover scepticism

Why hasn't someone created a list of former Chelsea players or a list of current Chelsea players on loan and then link them to us. It would make the next few weeks a little bit easier and I'm surprised it hasn't happened.

One thing that I am surprised about is the knowledge that some Aston Villa fans seem to have on Twitter. I'm not really, I understand there is a lot of computer game data out there. I have to hold my hands up though and openly admit I know very little about the Championship and it's going to be very hard for me to comment on players from the lower leagues.

I can however write that if Jamie Vardy joins Arsenal because his wife wants more celebrity coverage it will be sad for Leicester and sad for football and just show once again how broken the game is. Without Leicester Jamie Vardy would still be a painter and decorator by day and his current wife, the serial wag, wouldn't give him a second look.

What Leicester achieved last season was the story of the Premier League. If Vardy jumps ship at the first opportunity, I hope his next season is like every other season before the last one.

But this is about Aston Villa

And this is where I have to end the post. You see, we're still waiting for this takeover to happen and until that happens or it doesn't, I remain sceptical, mostly because of the people involved. But this is the game now and it's all about opportunity.

My worry is and I think I've got this down to one paragraph is that if we're getting involved with these people, we've probably got the wrong person by association. The right person wouldn't need any of the people involved.

And this is just my opinion and nobody has to share it, but Lerner wasn't right and there have been plenty of others that were wrong also. I hope that whoever has to sanction this takes into consideration the people involved, because they shouldn't be allowed to keep getting it wrong.