Like beans on toast and it could have been so different

I've written a few posts the past few days but never got round to hitting publish. It's for no other reason other than what can I write? Sure, the win was good, but it was sort of always expected. I mean, honestly, how many of you were surprised we won. Hell, I know some Birmingham City fans that expected to lose.

Basically, if you ate the same food every day, you'd get bored of it and probably quite quickly. Birmingham City fans on the other hand or the ones that have been let out for the day and granted internet access, they seem to enjoy getting beaten by us and living in our shadow seems to be what they like. Without it, they'd have nothing else to complain about, seeing as they are served their food three times a day and provided shelter.

It's almost a way of life for them.

But I don't think beating them will ever get boring, even if we know it's going to happen.

And the thing that they don't know and I suppose it's okay for me to write now, is that Gary Rowett was there opportunity. Had they kept him, I think there is a good chance they'd be in the Premier League right now and truly enjoying themselves over us. But even though we sit in second, I still think it's going to go down to the wire this season, so I'm not counting any chickens.

It really could have been so different.

But Sunday was first and foremost about the three points. That it was them, was just a side story that made it a little more interesting. That we won, made Sunday more enjoyable, but it was always about the three points especially after Derby dropped.

I've also written on previous posts that I'm not going to mention this next part until the season is over, but much like I wrote that the form table has us finishing second several weeks ago, I think it's okay for me to drop a few hints about my end of season post.

And I think many will know that it's going to focus on where we could have been had we fully supported the manager from day one and not asked for his head after three games. The end of season post is going to focus on the need for time when so many changes have taken place and why the role of the supporter in that process is so important. I even have evidence to support why.

But until then and until the next match. Enjoy the video below. I'm just about to land so need to close up. Hope you're as chuffed as me at the moment.

Video of the day