Lambert went shopping yesterday, odds on relegation and Everton

I don't know, I just don't know. It was summed up by Dave White on Twitter when he wrote; ever got in from shopping and realised you've forgotten the one thing you went out for? Thats how Lambert feels this morning.

It was written so many times that it doesn't need to be repeated in detail, but we didn't need more kids. We needed experience to get us out of this mess. Aston Villa are the second favourite to be relegated and you can even get odds on us for next season in the Championship.

All I'm saying is prepare yourself, we might very well find ourselves playing in a different league next season. It is now no longer just something that I wasn't prepared to write about, it is now something I'd say there was a 60/40 chance of happening.

Feel sorry for the new boys

And I'm sorry, I should mention Simon Dawkins and Yacouba Sylla and they'll be happy, joining a big name club. One will see this as a potential stepping stone, the other will just be grateful to get out of a league some of us could play in.

I'm sorry, but this isn't good. The writing is on the wall and Faulkner and Lerner have put it there. Lambert can fix this, but he's going to have to go four at the back and he's going to have to get a bit of luck, but it is possible.

But more than luck, it's going to take Lambert to wake up, for the players to play with pride and for us to attack. The thing is, it's the same for every club around us and the likes of QPR have someone that has done this before, as do Wigan. We don't, neither do Reading or Southampton.

Everton tomorrow

So, it comes down to Everton and when we get beaten tomorrow and performances from Sylla and Dawkins were just average or even sloppy, we'll get told they need time and even though we'll all say but that was why you had to buy experience, it doesn't matter.

Because Lambert doesn't care. Sure, he'll say he does and to an extent he does, he cares about winning and losting, but he doesn't have Aston Villa in him, like we do. It is a job for him, like Norwich and he said he loved that club. Now he is suing it.

He doesn't understand the pride. Neither does Lerner or Faulkner.

And that is it. Our Football Club is now in the hands of the footballing Gods. Are they going to be kind or cruel? If they're cruel, in all likelihood, it's over for us. There will never be Europe again. They'll never be that dream of winning the League.

None of us will stop supporting Aston Villa and Lerner is counting on that, but it will be different. They'll be more local derbies for a start. We'll have that belief that it's a good thing. And in time we'll get back to the Premier League, who knows, maybe even the first time. But it will never be the same.

Time for hope

And that is where I leave it today. I'm sorry for the depressing post, but it's 60/40 for me and that is depressing. I could be wrong though and I truly hope I am, but as things stand, you'll not find many people that disagree with my assessment.